Monday, 7 December 2015

2 Quick Flicks

*Originally posted on the FMK blog on the 5th of September, 2014.

Hi all
Below are 2 documentaries that I highly recommend viewing if you have the time.

The Truth Behind Traditional Chinese Kung Fu | China Uncensored:
This is a great documentary to watch if you can spare 25 minutes. It talks about the true significance of Kung Fu/Martial Art and how it can "Upgrade" ones life. It's also good to see some of Freddie's teachings; the teachings of true Martial Art promoted in the media. It talks about how it's a combat practice with deep moral and spiritual values. About how a Martial Artist goes beyond the practical uses of combat, elevating it into an artistic expression and for health. It's nice to see true Martial Art promoted in the media and combat sport spoken against.

Samurai Spirit: Karate (Documentary TV series):
I just suggest Hajime Kazumi's story be viewed between 5:57 - 10:3. I consider Hajime Kazumi to be a sort of reformed Martial Arts practitioner. He was at one point the all Japan Kyokushin Karate tornament 'champion', winning 5 consecutive tournaments I think. Kazumi's views on competition have now changed completely. His story is rather interesting. I recommend you see it between 5:57 - 10:3!.

I hope you find the recommended material stimulating and enjoyable!. 

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