Monday, 7 December 2015

Don't think....Feel!

*Originally posted on the FMK blog on the 10th of June, 2014.

Hi all....again!
For some time now I have realised  that in order for our self-defence to be proficient, a Martial Artist must be meditative and in the moment. When defending ones self, one must not think, but feel, kind of like dancing. The same must apply in some way or another to other aspects of the martial arts and life that I am yet to realise. It is also my interpretation of Bruce Lee's famous saying.

The following examples are choreographed demonstrations that may or may not be the best of examples. I believe the practitioners in the first one think, and thus their techniques seem to be more rigid. The second one seems to be more fluent, refined and natural. Regardless of anyone's somewhat political opinion including my own, I still think they are fun to watch.

1), KARATE - Tiger Karate - Shotokan and mix of martial arts:

2), Karate Demonstration Ki Me Kan shito ryu karate do.wmv:

Does anyone think the performance in video 1 is as fluent, artistically and naturally executed as that of video 2?. Maybe one is just choreographed better but in which performance do you guys think the practitioners think more or feel more?.

Feel free to let me know:)

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