Monday, 7 December 2015

My Current Understanding of the Universe

*Originally posted on the FMK blog on the 26th of July, 2014.

Hello Everyone
Below is my first philosophy statement. I combined my understanding of the Universe with a video called 'spirit science - enlightenment' (, that was previously recommended by another blogger, and summarised the teachings of this great video that I highly recommend before reading this blog. I say this because the video puts the spirit into a comprehensive and scientific context. My philosophy goes as follows:

"There is no death; just the ongoing changes in cosmic reality. Once this is realised intellectually and spiritually, you will be at peace."

I don't believe that death should be feared. It should be embraced as is the true spirit of Budō as I currently understand it. Death is change, the start of a new beginning; a new chapter. We are energy. All energy is borrowed and will eventually be given back to the universe. This is a never ending cycle that has lasted and will always last for eternity. This is the principle of the Universe.

This is what True Martial Artists often express through movement. It is why Morihai Ueshiba told his students that he is teaching them not to move their feet, but their mind, to gain an understanding that they can never cease to exist because they have always been alive in someway or another (as expressed in the video) and will always continue to do so. Aikido expressed this. Once one realises this, the fear of death will disappear and and one can focus on living in the moment and to enjoy life.

This is what I have come to realise through analysing and theorising the spiritual teachings of the East. I find that they also correspond and compliment Western science. An example of this is Isacc Newton's third law of motion - 'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.'  This is also what the Yin-Yang teaches us.

Hopefully once people realise that they will never die, they will have no fear of death which is commonly perceived in a an unrealistic way. It is like blocking a punch. One can't just block a punch with his/her hand directly strait on. One must redirect the punch in a different direction, changing the harmful energy into something harmless to you. That is self defence. I think people need to redirect their thinking from - death is bad I don't want to die, to just feeling okey with how the Universe operates and not to struggle against the tide but to swim with it. To do this in theory will mean less stress and fear will not be experienced, allowing you to feel truly joyful were you are in the moment. I think this is the true spirit of Budō, as Morihei Ueshiba described it as not learning how to die, but learning how to live. I think it is an aspect of enlightenment. Seeing what cannot be seen with our eyes and hearing what cannot be heard with our ears.

In terms of if I am enlightened or not, well I don't know. I have never practiced sitting meditation seriously, but I read section about meditation in a book titled 'Advanced Taekwondo' by Scott Shaw. Based on his definition of physical meditation, I'd say I have practiced it for years without knowing it as I am focused, relaxed, existing and enjoying myself in the moment when practicing combative techniques. However I'm just starting the practice sitting meditation and I'm currently rather inexperienced. I was talking to a friend at school about the common concept of death in comparison to mine and he said "Ben, we're 17. We shouldn't be talking about death at this stage in our lives. It might send us loopy!."  I think that thinking if I am enlightened or not is besides the point. I just know that I view the world how I do and I wish to express my knowledge and realisations as they occur. I don't wish to label myself as enlightened because it may provide the ego a means to assert itself.

In terms of my death, well I know that I will one day move on. I honestly don't feel scared of death, but at the same time don't feel I wan't to die, yet. This is because I feel I need to be there for my family. I also feel that there are things I need to accomplish in life. I don't know exactly what yet, but I feel like I want to benefit society in some way. I do know that one day I'd like to open a Martial Art school like FMK, were I teach people True Martial Arts, to be self expressive and direct them towards enlightenment. I don't see it happening any time in the near future, but one day that would be nice. Putting it simply I do not fear death, but I've got business to tend to before I experience the next chapter. What that next chapter is I don't know. But one day I will experience the divinity of Universal change again.

Thank You for reading my blog.

PS: I hope I wrote this clear enough to be comprehensive for others to read.

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