Monday, 7 December 2015

My Journey is Continuous

*Originally posted on the FMK blog on the 13th of June, 2014.

Hello everyone

I have been training in martial arts for the past five years and it is perhaps my greatest passion in life. Throughout my life I had always thought that the practice of martial art was something I wanted to do. However, it was after watching this performance on Australia's got talent in 2009, that I felt practicing Martial Arts was a necessity. This performance was a jump start to what has turned out to be a life journey. A journey that has recently become more personal as I have recently realised (with the direction of Freddie Lee) that I must embark on my own journey in the Martial Arts. To learn how to express myself honestly and make my own expression of Martial Art unique to myself.

Now that I look back at this video, the genesis/origin of my journey, my opinion is somewhat mixed. I respect the fact that the performance is a peaceful demonstration of talent, however what these practitioners do is very unrealistic. But should all of our opinions  be based on what works and what doesn't?. My opinion is not set in concrete because it is still developing. I have only just begun to walk the path of enlightenment. I suppose my current opinion is all in favour for peaceful and enjoyable demonstrations such as this one, where years of training can lead to obtaining abilities that most people don't have. And then using the skills without hurting anyone to bring out positive emotional reactions from people. At least it is not combat sport were people hurt each other for pride, fame, points and trophies. As long as the performers are not simply trained as circus animals solely it entertain, but to also be well aware and to actively practice the true way of the Martial Arts. To be conscious of the Tao.

Here is the performance:

What do you guys think of this performance and what I have had to say?

PS: I realised just now that I have grown while writing this blog. I think this blog is a written expression of personal growth for me, as my opinion was somewhat mixed, but now I feel I see things more clearly because in writing this blog, I had to look within my self for the answers!.
This blog gives me a reason to write, and seems to be helping me on my journey towards enlightenment.

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