Monday, 7 December 2015

Notable Individuals - Introduction

*Originally posted on the FMK blog on the 24th of June, 2015.

Hello All

This post is an introduction to an upcoming series of blog posts. I am planning to create a short blog series that will shed light on people who are, in my opinion, promoting true Martial Art.

There are people in this world that practice true Martial Art. They are intelligent people. For the most part, they are hidden; by which I mean that they are not known of in the eyes of the public. A few however, have decided to share Martial Art with others through many different methods and have gained various degrees of publicity such as Freddie Lee has. Some choose to do this by teaching students through using systems as tools sets to build good foundations, but not by preaching dependence on the systems they teach. Rather they, as do all good teachers, work on installing independence in their students - to no longer being reliant on the system for martialy artful expression. This can be viewed as being similar to raising children, but in Martial Art. Others choose to take more informal approaches and teach in more spontaneous ways from day one. They simply express what is within them via the execution of martial techniques, free from restriction in all stages of the teacher/student relationship that a system may impose.

Every practitioner I wright about is alive at the time of posting. That is the fundamental essance of this series. Putting it simply, they are people who are alive today and are currently putting themselves out there to promote the essence of Martial Art in their own ways.

I hope you will enjoy the series.

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