Monday, 7 December 2015

Positivity can come out of Negativity.

*Originally posted on the FMK blog on the  6th of June, 2014.

Hi all.
 I'm going to philosophise about a statement that stood out to me from the 'Book of Five Rings', a somewhat classic book written by Miyamoto Mesashi, that I myself highly recommend to any Martial Artist seeking an incite into the philosophical aspects of self defence. I found the statement on page 5 of my copy. It reads "Commercialism does nothing to enhance the reality of the truth, although it can lead one to the start of the path.".

 First of all, let's think of what we know about commercialism in the Martial Arts. Often commercial Martial Art schools limit themselves to a single cultural expression of Martial Art, and label themselves something like Taekwondo or Karate. Individuals who have reached a certain level of enlightenment such as our great Sifu, Mr. Freddie Lee, criticise this as it is wrong to limit the creative and artistic expression of human beings once the Martial Art practitioner is ready with or without knowing it, to go beyond the systemised curriculum of their school. As a result the practitioner may never embark on their own journey in the Martial Arts and never know what they are missing out on. Most Martial Art schools don't encourage practitioners to express themselves as individuals. To demonstrate Martially Artistic independence is too often seen as a threat to the schools business. I believe this to be wrong and I completely understand and agree why Bruce Lee and Freddie Lee spoke/speak against Martial Art schools discouraging practitioners from exploring a world beyond the nest.

I do believe that Commercialism does nothing to enhance the reality of the truth, however it did lead me to start on the path. The following information is just one example of how I believe that positivity can be found in negativity. For the past 5 years I have been practicing at the local Taekwondo school. I started learning Martial Art with no previous experience. As I progressed through the ranks, I found I was enjoying Martial Art more and more. Classes are only operating twice a week, and after a while I felt my desire for Martial Art was never being satisfied. This Taekwondo school was the only place to learn Martial Arts in my town. I felt as if I was only learning part of the totality of the Martial Arts, so I went to the internet.

 Not long after, I discovered Freddie's Modern Kung Fu on YouTube. The first FMK video I viewed the on where he is striking down the BOB XL with a variety of kicks. There was something different about Freddie. He was/is not the typical Martial Art commercialised stereotype with a black belt, oblivious to the truth, on the internet to stroke their ego. Freddie was/is genuine seems to be more spiritually awake then any body I had come across. I somehow kept being drawn back to Freddie's videos. His videos keep coming out at a regularly constant rate, keeping me interested.   I think there was/is some kind of eye to eye understanding I had/have with Freddie and his teachings. Freddie Lee has become my internet Sifu, as he has led me towards the path of enlightenment. He has also directed me towards other wise individuals and media such as Morihei Ueshiba's book 'The Art of Peace'.

I started off at a part time commercial Taekwondo school (which I still attend), and then found Freddie's Modern Kung Fu as I had a inner desire for truth. A desire for something more holistic. I found it and am still learning from it. This is why I like the statement - "Commercialism does nothing to enhance the reality of the truth, although it can lead one to the start of the path.". It has led me to believe that we should always look for positivity in anything negative, no matter how bad something may seem. Positive people are normally healthier and happier people. This is my Philosia.

Anyway what do you guys think?. Can anyone else relate to this statement?. Does anyone else think that positivity can come out of negativity?. Can Yin come out of Yang?.

PS: Long Live Freddie's Modern Kung Fu and the FMK community!.

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