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School is Over, Life is Moving on!

*Originally posted on the FMK blog on the 6th of December, 2015.

Hello FMK!

Firstly, congratulations Freddie! I think it's great you were able to reclaim your YouTube channel. I think you're balancing your online expression very well. I'm viewing and 'liking' as many videos as I can because I'd like to see your channel grow even more. I also simply like your content because it's interesting watching your ideas develop as you pioneer your expression of Martial Art.

I'm very happy to announce my return after a two month hiatus. I needed time away to complete high school once and for all. I don't mind whatever entry score I get for university. Never before had I worked so hard for something so deeply engrained in this Matrix or world of perceived reality as I like to call it. Considering I strive to live by the Tao (ultimate reality) this seems kind of ironic when I think about it. Anyway, It's all in the past. I know I did the best I possibly could with the opportunity I had, thus I have no regrets.

After completing exams, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a holiday in the warm and sunny city of Sydney. It was nice to get away for a bit. One big reason as to why I drove 857 kilometres (532 miles) up and back with my father and younger brother, was so that we could meet members of the production crew of my favourite show at the Doctor Who festival. The festival was a fantastic experience. There were props and costumes from the TV show that were on display, writers and directors and special effects people were giving talks about their contributions to this 52 year old science fiction/drama program. The most exciting part was being able to meet some of the actors, notably Peter Capaldi (at a panel) who plays the current incarnation of the Doctor, and Sylvester McCoy who played the 7th incarnation of the Doctor between 1987-1989. I got to meet Sylvester McCoy in person and he seems like such a lovely man. He has a naturally comedic personality. Notably, he played a wizard known as Radagast the Brown in the recent Hobbit movies.

I felt humbled that these talented people had come all the way from the United Kingdom to give people like me the opportunity to get up close and personal with the program that I have loved and been inspired by for many years now. If your at all interested in learning about the 52 year old television phenomenon 'Doctor Who', you can take a look at the official website:

Personally though, I think this site is much better:

Anyway, keeping on track I noticed that living in the nations biggest city for a few days gave me a valuable contrast to the environment I'm used to at home. For a city, I think Sydney is very nice. It's a lot more colourful than Melbourne in my opinion. One thing that Sydney doesn't have is a phobia of trees like Melbourne, where trees are commonly cut down for no apparent reason apart from the usual 'oh we wouldn't want to risk the one in a million chance of a tree branch falling on someone and being sued as a consequence', laugh out loud! The only negative I can think of about the city lifestyle I experienced is that there was the constant noise of traffic coming from a main road just out side the apartment building which made it difficult to sleep sometimes. Another thing I noticed was that no one ever really spoke to each other on the buses or in the fast paced streets. People were always using their iPhones. I understand that nowadays there's nothing strange about seeing people use iPhones and Androids, but when 98% of the population (seemingly) seem to be using these electronic devices at every moment, it just seems a bit strange to me. In my town, I rarely go out without seeing someone I know and engaging in short conversations. I suppose it's just what your used to really. If you were ever thinking of taking a holiday in a city, Sydney is one I recommend from experience. Sydney is also very multicultural. There were lots of tourists from places all over the world including North America, Europe and Asia. Actually I might mention the amount of tourists from Asia, particularly from China and Japan was truly astonishing. From a national perspective, I think it's good to see Australia maintaining strong relations with our neighbours from Asia. You can figure out that I was a tourist when these were the types of photos I was taking.

Sydney is quite pleasant compared to Melbourne in my current opinion. Please don't think I'm trying to make Melbourne out to be a terrible place though. I shouldn't be so harsh on Melbourne. It's not a rough place, otherwise it wouldn't have been ranked as the "worlds most livable city" according to the Monocle's Quality of Life Survey. (

Lastly, I'd like to say that you can expect many more blogs in future from me. I have many ideas drafted from earlier in the year and now that my schooling responsibilities are over and that I've had a rest, I feel a lot of creative energy returning to me. I expect I'll have new posts up here fairly consistently for the remainder of this month and in January. Soon I will need to find employment but right now, the present moment is mine to train, learn more about Martial Art, philosophy and life. For my next tally of publications, I intend to upload 5 expository essays about language that I did in my English Language class. Two of these essays were assessment pieces and the other 3 were created as a means of exam preparation. I wrote the essays in question at a time when I would have rather been blogging. I want to give you what my creative energies were told to produce at the time. I worked really hard and put a lot of resurch into them. For these reasons I think it would be silly if my teacher be the only person to read them. I also think you guys might get something out of them. Until then, maintain the brilliance you are contributing to the world in your respective endevers my friends. It's good to be back.

Post Script: My above commentaries about Sydney and Melbourne are completely over exaggerated. Please take them like a grain of salt!

Thanks for Reading

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