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*Originally posted on the FMK blog on the 23rd of August, 2014.

Hello Bloggers!
I'm curious to know what you think of Taekkyeon. Many consider it to be an ancestral form of Taekwondo. What I do know is that it was commonly practiced by people of all classes during Korea's Koryo dynasty (918-1392) and Yi dynasty (1392-1920). It, like many other Martial Arts originating in Korea, nearly became extinct during the oppressive Japanese colonial rule that lasted for 35 years (1910-1945). Taekkyeon barely survived that dark time of Korean history. However now it has made a come back and seems to be very popular in South Korea. I have not been able to locate any Taekkyeon schools in Australia, which implies it has not undergone globalisation and therefor there is a good chance of little corruption.

Here is a definition of Taekkyeon from the glossary of Hwa Rang Do defend-take down-submit:
"Korean martial art that centres on foot fighting and involves a wide variety of kicks and sweeps. Hand techniques in this system are predominately open-hand and include soft blocks, chops and palm strikes. Solo forms look similar to Tai Chi exercises, but with fast kicks. Usually practiced with a partner using pre-arranged footwork patterns, similar to the jinga of capoeira."

From my small amount of knowledge of Taekkyeon, I think it's a good expression of Martial Art. The practitioners in these videos are relatively talented. Although they practice Martial techniques, they are obviously not violent in nature which I know is the most important thing. They often try to make what they do less lethal, but not sacrificing efficiency like the real Aikido. This I admire. I believe it takes more skill to spare a life rather than take one when someone tries to end yours. I think Taekkyeon is a creative combative dance of peace. Check out these videos and tell me what you think.

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