Monday, 7 December 2015

What I'd like to see in a Martial Arts movie

*Originally posted on the FMK blog on the 8th of August, 2014.

This is a blog response to 'Martial arts movies' posted by Alex.

I don't know much about movie making. I haven't even seen a Bruce Lee movie. However the most important aspect in making a Martial Arts movie would be to emphasise the true way. To illustrate that the Martial Arts should lead to wisdom, genuine happiness/inner peace and a healthy development of the body, mind and spirit. Combat should be realistic but it should come second to the philosophies. I think it would be beneficial to the reputation of the True Martial Arts if characters were to express themselves in a peaceful way. Martial techniques being executed in a unique and artistic way, true to the characters inner spirit. The Martial Artist should spontaneously express himself (as illustrated in Freddie's Kung Fu dance videos).

Some quotes that will get people to think and question society. Maybe quotes like:

"The true way is no way" and "Use no limitation as limitation" -Bruce Lee
I recommend that statements like this be quoted and then illustrated in the story. Maybe it would work well if some of the philosophies were reworded. This may make it easier to communicate the message to a broader audience. An example may be: " The true way is no set way for every individual." Or "The true way is found within". I think that in a good movie, the context should annotate this to reinforce the Statement.

Maybe even a quote like "The martial techniques I execute is my paint brush, the Universe is my canvas." -Myself

Make the True Martial Artist out to be like water, not fire or a rock. To be flexible, adapting to all situations.  Represent the True Martial Arts how it needs to be represented.

Maybe the story could be about how training in the True Martial Arts improves ones ability to live life and cope with everyday stresses. Or something similar.

This is what I think. Below is what my brother had to say. He knows far more about movie making than I do.

"The Movie should represent Martial Arts in the right moral way. At the same time it should tell a strong plot, with a 3 act structure, a consistent and strong narrative and good 3 dimensional characters that are relatable. Basically if you get those 4 elements that make a movie a movie, and combine it with the true morals of the Martial Arts, you'll get the perfect representation of the True Martial Arts and a great movie". -My Brother

Anyway I hope it all goes well for you and I wish you the best of luck Alex. :)   

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