Saturday, 23 January 2016

Health is Wealth

As individuals we should strive to become healthy in general, in body, mind and spirit. Note that I have said "as individuals" rather than as "martial artists". I stated this because I believe everyone should value their health, as a collective consciousness, not as only a certain group of individuals (e.g. Martial artists, athletes etc). The reason for everyone striving to become healthy is that as a a population or collectives, we can evolve, as according to science in this physical plane, only populations evolve not individuals. I don't fully agree with that concept but I am going to flow with it for now. If we all worked together to become healthy as a population and evolve, we can become something much greater. Greater as in the greater version of ourselves. Though we should all strive to become the greatest. 

Many individuals out there, particularly peacemakers, are Finding a way or ways to bring peace to this chaotic world. The answer is love as most of us would know. Love creates peace; Peace can bring about evolution; and Evolution will make the population or collectives greater.

Once an individual realised that love for oneself is important, then they can start to grow and become healthy. So loving yourself comes first. Once you love yourself, then you start to take care of yourself, nurture yourself, grow yourself up in a healthy manner. Whether that can be eating, exercising and sleeping right. Those are the basis of a healthy life style. Those are also the key to success in life. Notice that most successful individuals out there, in terms of wealth, are really healthy! For example Oprah Winfrey. Just look at her, she looks healthy not just physically but also mentally and spiritually. She is, I heard, the richest woman in the world. I've been told that she does value her spiritual life and she's intelligent. That is an example of a HEALTHY (in body, mind and spirit), and  SUCCESSFUL living being. Honestly I do not know too much about this woman but I'm basing my views on my perception from others around me.

If you want wealth you need health. Despite of that, health is wealth! People should be more focussed on their individual development and health, not personal (materialistic) gains. That will come later, but what should come sooner is your health, becoming healthy. Those that value their health live longer. longevity is more greater than money. What is the point of making and having all the money when you may die sooner because you cared less about your health? 

If you had to choose whether to have less money but be extremely healthy, or have a lot of money but poor health? 

Just remember that healthy individuals can make a lot of money successfully if they want to.

Focus on longevity, because that is the ultimate wealth, not money! Still make money though because you need that to invest in your health. I am not trying to make people forget about money at all. We need money in this prison society to survive, like pay our bills and buy our food. The food we should purchase are those that are good for our health as we should strive for longevity.

We live in this society where our environment is unhealthy due to the programming (TV advertisement of junk food and unhealthy activities). We need to reprogram ourselves (population) to walk the path of healthiness and longevity. We all need to work together as I've stated before, to embark on this path. It's not fair if only a small group of people  are experiencing a healthy life. Remember we need work together to evolve, as populations evolve over time. We are as good and as bad as our worst enemy, so if that are not doing good then that makes our terrible. We are all low and we need to rise up our vibration or frequency (emotions- energy in motion which is basically our mood on a fancy way), together as one. Be one with the universe or be one with the Tao. Let's all work together to become healthy and evolve.

I will start my reprogramming for those that are reading this blog and if you are not already healthy. When I say reprogramming I mean brain washing or hypnotizing in a positive manner via the subconscious mind. 

I will attach pictures or photos of something healthy that will make you want to be healthy and I will also put a link to a subliminal video that will reprogram your mind to become healthy. You don't have to watch the video but that is just an additional tool if you are interested and very serious to change yourself to become greater. 


subliminal video to eat healthier:
Here is another one:
(it doesn't matter which one you use. However one may be more effective the the other. If you want you can just serach for other subliminal videos yourself on youtube.

If you are healthy already then the programming won't affect you as much because you are already been programmed to live healthy. My reprogramming are for those that are unhealthy. If you are already healthy, then please raise awareness in helping and educating those you love to live the healthy way. My method of changing people's motives is simple which is looking at the pictures or photos below. 

How this works is we tend to become inspired or motivated by what we see. Just like someone who wish to become like the legendary martial artist, like Bruce lee, just by looking at him (wallpaper poster on your wall or videos or even desktop wallpaper). In addition to motivation and inspiration the subconscious mind will process the information/command (pictures) and make that part of you, so you will start a new habit (habit of being healthy).

I could go deeper into details but I believe it's better if you seek the detailed information yourself or check the information I presented yourself ("do your research") as that will strengthen or expand the mind which that is healthy for the mind.

Thank you for those that are taking the time to read this long blog post that I typed up using my iPhone.


  1. Brilliant blog post! It's really impressive that you did it on your iPhone! When you mentioned Oprah Winfrey, it made me think of how she has used her money and fame to promote positivity around the world. Like you, I don't know all that much about her. One thing I do know however, is that Oprah read Eckhart Tolle's book 'The Power of NOW: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment'. The Power of now compiles the essence of the teachings of major world religious figures such as Buddha and Jesus in a way that is fairly easy for the common Western mind to comprehend. Since its initial release in 1997, an estimated 3 million copies have been sold in according to Wikipedia. Because Oprah was promoting The Power of NOW, meaning Eckharts teachings were reaching far more people around the world. The Power of NOW was translated into 33 different languages, resulting in the quality of living being enhanced for many across the world.

    Interesting techniques of getting encouraging people to live healthier lives, by influencing them with the videos. I believe it could be very effective for a lot of people.

    Longevity is the ultimate aim as to why people practice Tai Chi generally. The semantic meaning of the term Tai Chi is the "supreme ultimate". This can be interpreted in many ways. At this moment, I think that the "supreme ultimate" can mean having good health and increasing our longevity because like you made clear, good health is the ultimate wealth.

    I imagine that many more people will read this and receive the benefit of your message once MAU is made public. Thank you my friend and keep up the good work!

  2. thank you Ben I learn a lot from your comment. Insightful! Now I feel like reading The Power Of Now. Thanks for mentioning it.

    Irrelevant topic but i just like to say this now just in case i forget. I enjoyed watching those video you sent me in 2015. I respect your work of putting the video together to make it look awesome.

    1. Thanks man! Yeah, The Power of NOW is a great book. It's not rare, meaning you can find it in many retail and online bookstores for reasonable prices. I think I got my copy from Dymocks ( roughly about $20 (AUD). If you were seeking a copy however, I don't imagine you'll experience difficulties finding it closer to home; it's fairly main stream thanks to Oprah. She has also done pretty good interviews with Eckhart Tolle that can be found on YouTube. If you're interested in reading The Power of NOW, you might like to see some of his interviews to get a feel for his spiritual expression. I'm still in the first chapter which is about distinguishing you from your mind and the relationship between mind and emotion. I already feel more inner peace.

      I personally don't believe any question is silly or any topic is irrelevant. I think it's good to keep dialogue flowing with new information being fed into it. I'm glad you liked those videos. I'm thinking that's a style I might go for when I decide to make YouTube videos. At the moment, I feel like a bit of editing is like putting the icing on the cake. Or like wearing a smart collared shirt rather than a T-shirt. I like a bit of editing and professionalism but not so much that it makes the video feel unnatural. I'm trying to find a balance. The effect you used on your handstand video looked great. :)

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