Sunday, 10 January 2016

Knowledge vs Wisdom

In my online ninjutsu university/school (budo ryu), we are given zen or philosophy lesson which we have to understand and give a verbal explanation (during testing (on video)) of what it means to us or what it just mean according to the lesson or lecture (can just repeat what the teacher say only if we understand it and cannot put into our own words).

One of the lesson was on knowledge and wisdom. I already knew the difference before I was given this lesson (watch the video).

I will try and explain what  knowledge and wisdom is briefly in my words, down to earth. I may explain it how I would teach a two year old. That way I can make just blog short simple and informative.

Knowledges is knowing something. knowledge can come from learning from someone or a source ( text book by author is is technicallyknowing from someone).

Wisdom is understandimg and applying something you know. Wisdom can come from within your oneself rather than from outside sources.

THAT'S IT in a nutshell.

If some know something but can't or don't apply what they know they are knowledgable. On the other hand if someone know something and can apply it or does apply it they are wise. 

Bruce Lee said: "knowing others is knowledge, knowing yourself is wisdom." That seems correct but I would like to make a slight alteration to the quote which will suit me. That is: "know others is knowledge. Understand yourself is wisdom." That in a way is already been explained above if you go within yourself and think. If it does seem obvious I will explain.

"Knowing others is knowledge." What that means to me is learning or knowing from others is knowledge. So you know their experience but you haven't experienced it yourself yet. Remember that truth has to be experience which that is called understanding. Also the quote explain itself already which another way to interpret that quote in an obvious manner that is you know something or someone (others) you have knowledge of them.

"Knowing yourself is wisdom" or "understand yourself is wisdom". What that means If you realised what you know (others experience) of experience the knowledge which is parallel to applying that knowledge ( because when you apply something you are have an experience or gaining experience) , ,which you would have understood it; then that is wisdom. By looking at the last sentence of the quote in a simple manner  ("knowing yourself is Wisdom"), what that means simply is understanding from within yourself, hence understand/knowing yourself or "thyself"; or just understand yourself basically, which you have wisdom of.

If I had to reconstruct that quote completely a would say: "knowledge is external. Wisdom is internal." For Taoist sake, "knowledge is yang. Wisdom is yin". There are many ways I can word it, but the wording is not really important. It is the massage that's important. Just like in martial arts, the form of the technique is not really important, but if us the function if the technique. If the form is good enough for 100% functioning then that's perfect or okay I guess. Definition of perfect is having the necessary requirement, qualities and characteristic. So if the form is bad but it's sufficient to for it to functionwell which is necessary, then that right there is perfect even though the form made not be as perfect.

One more thing I want to mention is Clear a misconception is often people say knowledges is power. Well that may be correct but not quite. Wisdom is power. So knowing it and then applying it is where the power manifest itself. Application of knowledge which is wisdom is powerful.  It's better to be wise then knowledgeable. If you know sonething and don't use it how is that suppose to help you?


That's all I wanted to write in this blog. I also decided to write my blog on knowledges and wisdom (which is something I have to demonstrate during my testing), it's so I don't forget and can aid myself and others into expanding mind. Writing this can prepare me for my test as this is studying or reviewing.


  1. The idea of learning Martial Art online has always fascinated me and I think it's really cool that it seems to be working for you. You have a unique way of viewing the world and I love reading your works."Knowing others is knowledge, knowing yourself is wisdom." and quotes like it seem simple on the surface, but are often more rich in meaning than people realise. I'm glad people like us spend the time to think deeply about these things and and then write about them. When this blog becomes accessible to the public, hopefully some people wile see what we are putting on here and gain something valuable from reading and understanding our work. Nice post man!

    1. Yeah that was our blog page is all about. Spreading our wisdom so people (if and when the blog does become public accessible) can gain something out of it as they might understand it.


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