Tuesday, 5 January 2016

New Year's Resolution

Happy new year to those that are reading this post.

For my first post in this "Martial Artist United" blog site founded by Ben, I just want to share one of my new year's resolution. This one particular new year's resolution is related to writing blogs on this blog site. That is I am going to write my post more decent, meaning I am going to be formal as if I am writing a business letter. Reason for that is it can help me in the future when I am writing a formal letter to someone like a manager of a business. Writing more formal regularly can give me the habit of writing formal, so I don't have to think about it or making a huge effort in writing that way. This can help me with my courses (university or college) that I may take in the future. In university writing formal is a MUST, like for essays and reports.

In addition to writing formally I also wanted to state another resolution for this year which came to me while writing this post. That is writing at least once a week in this blog. This will actually give me the habit to writing formal, as the more I do write formal consciously, the chances I will write formal subconsciously (writing without being aware. Just simply writing that way as second nature or as a habit).

For those that are making new year's resolution I just want to say good luck.

I will finish of by writing: "Thank you Ben was creating this blog site, I hope it will grow big enough to make a good influence to the public."

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  1. Thank you my friend. Your first post has touched me. Back when I joined the FMK blog in the June 2014, my writing skills were not very efficient. My grades in English around that time were Es and Ds on average. Once I started writing posts on a regular basis however, I noticed that my writing skills increased within weeks. By semester two of 2015, my average grade on English assessments ha prison to Bs. I've already known that you are capable of writing in a rather formal manner, as is proven by this post. However, MAU can serve as a linguistic gym for lexicon enhancement. From a certain point of view, MAU can be a sort of online dojang/dojo/kwoon/place of our way!

    I am am truly glad that you are here my friend.


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