Saturday, 16 January 2016

Reasons to Learn other 'WAYS'/'PATHS' or system

I have been inspired to write this blog from reading an article/text online about why we should learn other languages. I will post a link so that you can check it out.

By having my mind expanded or developed I am able to see and understand that there are connections between everything in this universe. Every informations in this universe can be link, related and apply to anything (in life), once you have raise your awareness to a certain level.

I would like to present reasons why we should study or learn from other systems, ways or paths (martial arts and/or martial crafts). I am going to attempt to relate the information in article that I've linked, to this blog which is mainly going to be about martial arts and crafts in general. I have written a few blogs on here relating to life in general. I would like to make a change for once by relating the information to martial arts, as this would be regarded to 'martial artists United' blog page; not so much 'artist of life United' Blog page.

 If you do not know what martial arts and crafts is please check out Ben's post on martial arts and crafts:

 I believe that people with martial arts or crafts experience should learn from different ways or paths (or different systems), instead of limiting their training and studying to one system and being overly loyal to it. Just like learning other languages instead of sticking to one and being monolingual. I am not saying we should learn every single thing and master the system (or languages if I was speaking in terms of it), but just learning the basics and getting a feel of the essence. It would be great if we master and learn beyond the basics (intermediate and advance) of the system, but nowadays there is not enough time to do so, due to this modern time where work and school limits that. Learning the basics to me is sufficient, if you want to go further then do so. Again just like languages, knowing the basics of another language is enough to communicate with each other, if you are asking for help like directions. If we want to better ourselves as individual learning from other ways or paths will help.

Here are a few reasons (of course there are more) why we should learn from other ways or paths.

#1. You have or know a lot of ways or paths. More knowledge the better, because more knowledge = less ignorance. More knowledge more power. As the more combative techniques you learn and understand, the more likely people will want to hurt you as an example.

#2. You will be respected from others embarking on their path. By looking at a different lens (different perspective) we are able to understand others and connect with them in harmony. So you can make more friends instead of enemy. For a boxer to be friends with a wing Chun practitioners they need to learn from each other and grow together. A boxer should study wing Chun and a wing Chun practitioner should study boxer. Eventually they will both appreciate the knowledge they gain from their study. They will respect each other in peace. Thus no ignorance.

#3. You develop an open minded mentality, making you want to seek more. By becoming open people will like you  And respect you since people from other system or path will enjoy sharing their knowlegde. When other people teach you because you want to learn from them, they will start to also, in addition to appreciate you in learning from them, want to learn from you and be open also. So by being open you can induce others to become open as well. With that being said you can exchange knowledge with  each other, thus it is an equal exchange and also builds this mutualistix relationship stronger. This prevents conflict.

#4. It's good for the mind. When you studying a different path you are strengthen your mind (memory), just like learning new things in general. When you strengthen your mind it increases the ability to absorb more information and learn with less effort in a way. Also it creates room for creativity development. By learning more system you may want to integrate the system together as a creative way to express yourself.

#5. It is fun. Strengthen the mind is a fun thing to do. Like learning to play a sport or learning to juggle. So go try it for fun. Life is not only a workplace to work, it's also a playground to play, have fun and enjoy our living moment.

I feel that #2. Is the most important. I suggest we should stop this whole style bashing conflict between traditional Martial arts and modern day combative system or combat sport. Let's all respect each other and get along. Let's help each other grow stronger by working together, so we all can evolve. It's not good if only a small group of people are at a high level. Everyone should all be helping each other out and level up together as one. Conflict and war gets us nowhere. Peace, love and compassion is what helps us grow to become our better version of ourselves. In order to achieve that, I suggest learning other system, ways or paths from others. You don't have to believe and submit yourself to a new system, just KNOW IT. Just like learning from other religion. Don't become and believe what other religions think, just know what they think. That is learning!


  1. Brilliant blog post! You've made heaps of good points here. I agree wholeheartedly that the benefits of studying another Martial Art or Craft are invaluable. However, some people I've spoken to have tried to discourage me from exploring different systems. Their reason is often: "If you study another system, you will most likely get confused because the information you will be taught will contradict the information you've already learnt." I can understand where they're coming from and I think that it may be a practical issue if the student has not yet become well versed in the basics of his/her initial system. However, if he/she has already advanced to a certain degree and if a student maintains an open mind, this argument will most likely not be relevant. A disadvantage of only sticking to one system is that it's too easy to become institutionalised.

    I have found that learning Tai Chi and taking a few Karate classes has helped me to better understand Taekwondo. Now that I have time, I've even been thinking about taking the train to get down to William Cheungs Wing Chun Kung Fu school in the heart of Melbourne on the weekends. William Chueng is the individual who introduced Bruce Lee to Yip Man and the Wing Chun system. Here's a link to his website: . I love learning different systems whether they be Martial Arts or languages, even though I am yet to study a language in depth. I'd like to learn another language one day and I'd like it to be Chinese. My native language is English; the worlds dominant global language or Lingua Franca. Because of this, I think it would be cool to learn the dominant language of the East, Chinese Mandarin. I also agree that when people learn other systems, there is less fear and thus there will be less conflict.

    I've posted all of my writings on this blog and despite the fact that you and I are currently the only people who can view MAU, you have continued to produce great writings that I feel other people could benefit immensely from reading. I have decided to make this blog accessible to the public; hopefully by the end of this month. I just want to get a few more members registered first. I've also bought a special URL link that I need to attach to this blog somehow. THANK YOU for all that you've done for MAU in is early stage in its life. I'll make a declaration post when this blog is open to the public.

  2. Thanks Ben for you're review. I find it very insightful.

    I look forward for the declaration post. I'll also email my good news (which shouldn't be shared here because it is irrelevant to this blog. Or is it?)

    1. I'm glad you found it insightful. Just say what you want to say man. I want MAU to promote freedom of speech. of course, some things might be better suited for email but it's up to us as individuals to decide what form of electronic media suits our need best. Although, I don't want you to feel like you can't say something just because you don't think it's entirely relevant. It's up to you man. I got your email by the way. Great! :)


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