Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Strength and flexibility fitness test.

  • Max Strict Pull Ups in 1 minute (record number of pull ups) :22 reps
  • Max L Sit/ Max Tuck  (record max hold time): 27s (inaccurate)
  • Max Strict Push Ups in 1 minute (record number of push ups): 42 reps
  • Max Bodyweight Squats in 2 minutes (record number of squats): 100 reps
  • Max Sit Ups in 2 minutes (record number of sit ups - feet must be anchored): 48 reps
  • Max Handstand Hold (record max hold time):44s (inaccurate)
  • Splits (record depth of right and left side split) L:8cm R:6cm (inaccurate)
  • Seated Forward Bend Sit and Reach (touch toes and beyond record measurement): 6 cm pass toes (inaccurate)
  • Center Split (record depth of split): +30cm (inaccurate)
Note: I took these measurements on my own so there should be some error which o didn't take into account. I marked the exercise inaccurate for the errors. The more accurate measurement would be (for the inaccurate ones only) -2 seconds (because it takes me 2 seconds to get into the position I need to be in to hold). As for the stretches they are also inaccurate because I estimate or guesstimate. Close enough though. Lol

I recommend everyone to participate in this test. Just to see where you are at.

Also note I did the exercises straight after the others so no rest in between. (Maybe 10s). Do the test however you like. 

I did the test last Tuesday. Make sure to record your date of doing it. Good luck...


  1. this is like a 2016 benchmark test for fitness. good idea :D
    I'll try the test soon.

    1. Yeah man you're finally on this blog welcome

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