Saturday, 27 February 2016

25 Most dangerous martial arts ever created (video)

what is your opinion?

Tony Jaa's Martial Art Expression

Here is a video of Tony Jaa sharing his way of the martial arts or muay thai/muay born (as most may referred) :

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Two Years Transformation (2013-2015) LOL

I need to make a another photo for 2016, but I'm too lazy to do so.

2012-2013 is where I began my physical training and made it a habit. When I was younger than I was in 2012-2013, I did train physically to get in shape but it's transient (sometimes I would train for a bit then stop. I didn't made my workout a habit like what I am doing now. I would train then stop multiple times throughout the year that I can't keep track of how many times I did that. Maybe like every 3 weeks I would train? I cannot remember, but something like that).

Now is 2016 and unfortunately I don't have a photo of myself at this time, doing the same pose. I'll probably do one later this year. I will finish off by saying that in order to transform yourself you need to make your activities or the things that you do to achieve something (method of achieving) a HABIT.

I'll share a story from a book I've read. (in fact I'll copy and paste it. I will give reference so I don't plagiarise.

Todd Kuslikis stated: "I will never forget a story I heard while I was in personal training school. It was about a woman that needed to lose a lot of weight. She knew the power of habits and decided to change her life around.

For the first week of her new plan she set her alarm for the time that she wanted to workout in the morning. Then each day when the alarm went off she turned it off and went back to bed. She considered it a goal met. The second week she set a goal of getting out of bed when her alarm went off and take out her workout clothes out of her drawer and set them on the dresser. Then she was to go back to bed. After she did this for a week, she set a goal for the third week of actually putting the clothes on. She would put her workout clothes on when her alarm went off and then took them off and went back to bed. 

The forth week she actually drove to the gym each day but didn’t even go in. The second month is when she actually stepped into the gym. And guess what? It was easy. She had created the habit.
Over the course of the next year, she lost over 100 pounds. She implemented the Habit of Self-Dominance. She needed little to no willpower to achieve her goal. She just pushed the habit down the hill until it started to go on its own." (Todd Kuslikis, Isometric Strength Ebook, 51-52 page, 2014)


Kuslikis, T.K, 2014. Isometric Strength Ebook. 1st ed. USA: Todd Kuslikis. 

Seven Universal Laws Explained...

I stumbled upon this article somehow. I recommend this articles for those that are into learning about this universe or metaphysics.

After reading this article and applying the knowledge obtained from this source, hopefully you will transcend (well I believe you will to be honest)

My new focus/goals

As of right now im mostly focused on leg strength, and iron body training. I will share my progress over this summer, and advice is welcomed just be respectful. Im going to tell you a quick story about how i was introduced into martial arts. When i was 22 i used to drink a lot not caring about my health and made some mistakes along the way. I then started watching these van damme movies and was greatly inspired to do splits and high kicks. Eventually, I met a friend and he was a black belt in karate and taekwondo. He was taking classes at this school in the area we lived. I went there for couple weeks then stopped going, because of financial  problems.  I later started looking online mostly youtube and started following videos, then those videos lead to books, I also would rent or buy every martial arts movies i could find. Now i know im not certified or have a black belt ect.. but i believe i came a long way to where im at now. I enjoy what i do this is a hobby to stay in shape, most importantly im having fun. I dont train to make this a career like the ufc i know im not the best, and definitely not certified or taught by a legit master.


Good to be on this blog and thanks for the invite ben

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Welcome to Martial Artists United!

How does one know if Martial Art is in his or her heart? Does the general topic of Martial Art occupy your thoughts every day? Do you ever feel even just a little bit out of place when you are talking to others who know nothing about Martial Art, sometimes? After practicing Martial Art for a number of years, do you feel that you are against violence even more so than you were before? When you think, read about and train in Martial Art, do you feel at home, as if it's what you were always meant to do? If so, then you must have Martial Art in your heart and this blog could very well be for you!

Allow me to briefly introduce myself. My name is Ben and I have been passionately practicing Martial Art since 2009; when I began my formal studies of Taekwondo. Since then my love and interest in Martial Art has only intensified. I commenced my formal studies of Tai Chi Chuan in 2015 and very much enjoy the wisdom taught by this ancient expression of Martial Art. I'm even seriously thinking of studying a third formal system of Martial Art to broaden my exposure and experience. I also train informally on my own in my fathers garage. One day I hope to formulate an expression of Martial Art that is true to my inner spirit.

Martial Artists United (MAU) is a blog that I created and administrate so that Martial Art practitioners and enthusiasts can come together and share their experiences in Martial Art and life to aid the all around growth of themselves and others.

On Martial Artists United, you can share essays, photographs, videos, even simply thoughts on Martial Art and life in general. MAU encourages freedom of expression, meaning you will not be put down just because your view might be different from the general consensus of any given time. Criticism is to be constructive and respectful between authors. MAU is a blog that celebrates diversity, so whether your interest in Martial Art is focused on formal training in any communal expression or whether your training is informal in nature, you are welcome to join as long as you are prepared to show others the respect that you yourself would wish to be shown.

Only registered authors will be able to make posts on this blog, however, all internet users will have the ability to leave comments on MAU posts at this time. The increased flow of dialogue should be healthy as it will allow for more diverse perspectives to be communicated, hence contributing to the broadening of authors insights. If however, any anonymous leaves a comment on an authors post that the author considers to be 'spam', I ask the author to please request that I, the administrator delete the 'spam' comment because authors should have control of their own content. As administrator, I am here to provide a service to the authors and am in no way an authority. I simply wish to assist authors in feeling comfortable to freely express themselves on this blog. I ask authors to contact me by leaving a comment on the blog that creates uncertainty and I shall reply as soon as I can.

If you wish to join and become an author on Martial Artists United, please contact me on the email address below. I, as administrator, as a fellow Martial Art practitioner and enthusiast and as someone who loves to write and read about other peoples philosophies on Martial Art and life, welcome you to become an author on our exciting new blog, Martial Artists United!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Tony Jaa Artist Spirit

Here is a video I enjoyed watching:

High level artist can express their spirit by other means other than combat. Not only Tony Jaa can fight and perform acrobatic stunt, but he can also produce music with traditional instrument like in the video. What's impress me more is he integrated combat (martial arts), acrobatic stunts and music in his artistic performance. Most martial artist out there only focused on expressing their arts through combat. It would be nice to see more martial artist demonstrating their art by other form of expression or integrated form of expression like what Tony Jaa did; rather than just stick to one form (physical or kinesthetic combat) like most martial artist. That sort of demo is showing high level artistry and creativity. I also like to mention that he showed nice rhythm in his performance which makes it an art. An art as rhythm in it (examples seen in music, dancing and patterns in martial arts (kata, form, poomsae etc)).

I liked the statement at the beginning of the video also, because it empathasize true art (or martial arts).

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

New Blog Address

Hi all

Quick notice. The new address for our blog is
I purchased this address because I felt that it was closer to the title of our blog than the previous one. If any of your posts contained links to other material on MAU, you may want to replace the old links for the new ones just to keep your posts up to date.

Thanks :-)

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Lxeon #2???

Recently there has been an impersonation of this account. In response to that I have changed my display picture and name. This is no longer Lxeon K, now it's Lxeon #2. Lxeon (or Lxeon #1 is my other youtube channel) Guys don't be fooled by Lxeon K that is a troll account. I'm just letting you all know even though that troll account is not bothering me anymore which is good because that troll has something better to do and I'm happy for him or her.

Revisiting Old Thoughts And Change ( mind exercise)

One of the things that amazed me is when I go back to thinking old thoughts that I had earlier in the past. I noticed that when I revisited old thoughts or ideas I begin to discover new insights which my thoughts or view may changed. Life is not fixed it is constantly in motion like a river. Changes may or will occur or happen. You may have your own authentic opinion about that certain topic now. Later on your opinion may change. Ideas or thoughts changes over time or as most of age and mature. The good thing about revisiting your own old thoughts is that your mind will expand as you discover new insights and also you are discovering more about yourself. You are knowing thyself having a deeper connection with yourself as you observe your thoughts and the emotion associated with it.

So i would suggest to go back to an idea or opinion or revisit your old thoughts and see if you could discover any new ideas. See if you can link that idea to any other ideas. Noticed if your thoughts or feelings may changed after discovering and submitting to the new ideas you may discovered.

If anyone out there knows everything and are bored because there are nothing else to learn, then do the exercise I suggested as you may discover new ideas from revisiting your old thoughts or old information you obtained. If you don't discover anything new then try linking and connecting that to other informations that you learn in the past. This may help you see the bigger picture of that certain idea or concept.

Another exercise I would lastly suggest is go revisit your old thoughts again and this time try to argue with it. So create some random ideas or opposing views that may be contradicting to your current old ideas or thoughts. You can just do it for fun.  However, this may sound odd and stressing but it will strengthen your mind as you are adding resistance. Because in order to strengthen something in general you need to add resistance. So in order to improve to become a better individual in a certain skill you need to challenge yourself (that is adding resistance). For example in terms of physical conditioning it is like; if you can do a lot of bodyweight squat already then try challenging yourself by adding weights or carrying something heavy and do squats. You will find this rather challenging but trust me it will make you stronger. I am not saying that adding weights is the only way you can improve your strength. Other ways you can improve is by increase reps, modify or change the exercise and/or change the temp or rate of eccentric, concentric and isometric rate motion. Of course there are other more ways to add resistance. (please try and understand the idea I'm expressing by using this seemingly irrelevant examples about adding resistance to improve)

Now go have fun with these exercise but don't put too much stress on your mind especially with the last one I suggested. You mind may start to think that your head is going to explode (you may go crazy), well that is because we were raise to only choose and picked and believed one side of an argument, idea or view, or just see only one side of the story and believe that it is the only story. Contradicting ideas or story hurts. Just like the truth... The truth hurts. what I may be saying is everything you believed to be true as you were growing up may be false all along. So that's why it's a good practice to go over your old thoughts or idea or answers and evaluate them. See if there is another contradicting idea that may be true and align more with the "way or tao". See if it makes logically sense and see if it is supported by other sources of ideas which you may find that they are linked or connected. One of the painful thing to see mentally is when a contradicting thoughts does make sense and is strongly supported compared to what you always believed in (your old thoughts).
This is where you may have to change your way of thinking unfortunately.

What if both ideas that are contradicting make sense and are both strongly supported evenly? Then that is where you can choose or pick one that you like and that align with yourself.

Your Authentic Understanding

Many people out there don't really think for themselves, and they don't have their own understanding. Instead they would just follow other people's views or understanding. So they just go along with others understanding. For example symbols. "One person" may think that 'X' symbol is all about "this or that" according to their understand. Other people may think that "X' symbol means exactly what that "one person" thinks or understand. This may be because other people don't know or don't think for themselves about the symbol, thus they just go along with what that "one person" understood or think. That is not thinking for themselves or it's not their authentic understanding. In fact it's another person's understanding or knowledge (knowledge is knowing others as stated in my old post:

What is your authentic understanding? well that is when you think for your own self and not mimic others or just go along with others. So it's YOUR personal understanding or view and no one else, or it's your wisdom. Your wisdom or understanding could be a flaw to society, which makes it authentic. Being authentic is the ultimate expression of your self. It is when you are you or your true inner self.

I'll give another example in details. Look at yin-yang symbol.

I use to think, when I say think I actually mean I kind of copy or didn't think for myself, so I decided to use other people's view. (well I understood it but I didn't discover it on my own). That view or idea was that yin-yang means balance, well that's what it represent. However, as time passes, I started to dive deeper which I gain new sight of that yin-yang symbol. That insight was that opposites coexist or there is "duality in this reality". The light and the dark, the good and the evil, the hard and the soft etc. Another way to explain is two forces of the universe exist (negative and positive, feminine and masculine energy or force, and lists goes on and on)

The chart below will hopefully give you a better understand as it may help you see the bigger picture:

Another insight as I grow up was that yin-yang had something to do with karma or reincarnation. I noticed that there were many meanings to that one symbol (yin-yang). There is no right or wrong. It is just what you you perceived and understood for yourself. In what I believe in now in regards to the yin-yang symbol and the meaning, my view, understanding or conclusion is putting all the insights I gained together as one paragraph.

Each of us individual perceive reality differently so believe what you see. Have your own authentic understanding. If people see your ideas or understanding as something crazy well don't worry about them. They are not use to seeing a different perspective, they are not open and of course they see reality differently. What separates people in terms of ideas is this authentic understanding. Your ideas is your display of your reality that you perceived which in turns is your authentic understanding of what you learn from your reality that you perceived. When I say reality I mean experience. Everyone's experience is different (some may be similar however). For example people that are color blind and people that can see colours. (that's going a bit of topic)

So how do I have or see my authentic understanding? Well ask yourself what does "this mean to me" before actually hearing others ideas. Well if you already heard other people, then agree only if you understood it and it's how you would see it as well or expand and discover more insights like I have. (I went from seeing that the yin-yang means only balance to seeing a bigger picture which was that two forces coexist in this universe and that the forces are balanced by each other which is why we can see both equally, and also that symbol have to do with karma (action and reaction).)

I would like to finish this post by trying to get you all to think about the an ancient symbol I will be posting below. This is like your homework or an exercise to expand your mind.

Now do not judge it because of how the world sees it (ignore world history for once). If that's your authentic way of understanding then that's fine, but try and discover other insights. Ask yourself what does the symbol below really means to me. Once you have done that try researching or googling what the symbol actually means. You will be surpirse like I am.

Workout Balance (yin-yang)

(Before I begin I would like to give credit for Ben; For his work of art of creating this logo (well logo #2), which he would like to use this instead of the first one as a representation for MAU. I'll let Ben explain the meaning of this logo, if he does decides to write a blog about it. I'm thinking about writing a blog about this blog of what it means to me.)

I feel that to make your training or workout safe and beneficial there needs to be a balance of soft and hard training (yin-yang concept). Whether you are a martial artists or not, having balance is good, well at least that's what the eastern world believes.

Most people that are out of balance when it comes to exercising only focuses on the yang or hard (warm up, strength or cardio and technique (combative or art (like dancing, tricking and gymnastic tricks such as backflip, handstand, front level, flashy kicks, pilot freeze, powerswipe etc.)) training, and neglects the soft or yin training (flexibility, cool down and/or meditation or internal training). High level martial artist works with both the yin and yang or soft ad hard into their training, in order to stay in great shape and health.

Having balance is essential for longevity. Eating and sleeping right is also essential for health and longevity and plays important role in balance. Eating and sleeping with the right quantity and quality also contribute to balance as that would be considered the yin or soft part of your training to become the best person (that person is someone who has attained and maintained balance, e.g. great martial artist like grandmasters that are alive today).

Resting is also important when to comes balance as a yin component. When I say rest I mean something other than doing hard training or exercise; basically not working out and taking a break or some time off. Resting helps recover damaged or rebuild muscle and/or bone growth and strength.
Reading or studying during resting period would be wonderful as not only you are working physically but also mentally. (note: there are many type of mental strength which I won't explain in this blog such as inner strength, intelligent, mental discipline etc. In terms of "mentally", which I have stated I am referring to intelligence)

When it comes to training general the yin is like the rest and/or sleep, nutrition, meditation (which can be just stretching) and mental activity (e.g. reading) part of training; whereas the yang would be the hardcore exercise or just exercise (physical) part of training. Within the the physical exercise there is yang and yin in it like cool down or stretching after workout which is yin, and for yang that would be warm up and main exercise routine.

What is the problem with unbalance? having unbalance workout may not be as beneficial as having a balanced workout. For example if you are working out to hard (yang) and not balancing it out enough with some cool down or stretched, then this may result in injury or just next day soreness. The good news is you are feeling pain, and that pain which is your muscles being broken down is good because your muscle can regrow and become stronger. "no pain no gain". Bad news is you will feel tired, weak and painful the next day. You will be susceptible to serious injury which may be chronic and severe if you don't be careful. (best solution obviously is to rest.) This is my comment on next day soreness. As for injury is concerned from working too hard there aren't really any benefit. So next day soreness may be okay but injury is not okay, as a result of yang dominant workout (too hard workout not enough softness). If you injuries yourself too much you won't be able to train which may sound scary, because that means you have to give up and retire. As for working out too soft or not enough hardness, you are not helping yourself grow (grow stronger). This is because since your workout may be too soft you are not challenging yourself and therefore you AREN'T feeling the right pain which is the "broken down muscle" pain, thus you won't grow or improve. Remember "no pain no gain". I like to also say "no stress no success" which is pretty much the same idea but worded differently.

(take home message: take it easy on yourself but no too easy. Challenge yourself but don't hurt yourself. Have Balance working out!

Having a balance of soft and hard into your workout or better into your life style is important for self development relating to health (your body, mind and spirit), longevity, and evolution in advance (if you believe in spiritual evolution).