Saturday, 27 February 2016

25 Most dangerous martial arts ever created (video)

what is your opinion?


  1. Interesting video. As you know, I don't believe one communal expression is more effective than another. I know that ranking communal expressions wasn't the point of the video though. To me, they all begin to look the same after a while. They all incorporate hand and foot strikes, most incorporate joint manipulation, they all focus on improving ones overall human experience in their own ways. They all do this to various extents though. And as they can only be delivered to the public through business, people give them different labels to make what they have turned into a product seem unique and exotic. We all get court up in this phase of awe at some point but eventually you and I see through the illusion of this Matrix and come to the actualisation that it's all simply body movement, and despite the generalist nature of the human body, there's still only so much it can do.

    Still though, it is nice to meet other people and experience other systems/curriculum's. As Humans we are social animals and we have an instinctive motive to be part of a group. This is a big reason as to why people form Martial Art clubs (for example) and come up with names to identify there group from others. I started Martial Artists United because I felt an inner desire to communicate with people such as yourself where we can be free from rigid, opinionated authoritarianism. To extend upon the last sentence, MAU belongs to you, myself, and all other authors. We function on mutual respect and strive to exercise tolerance and acceptance.

    I when't off topic a bit and I know I put a fair bit into this comment. If anyone has any questions about anything I wrote, please ask! Haha. Thank You for this post man. You fuel me with inspiration and motivation!

  2. List is ok but to me it is more the 'Artist' and it's relation with the 'Master' that will make the difference. It is up to the 'Artist' to go beyond and strive towards excellence, health and wisdom. Though i agree that system can make a difference, like if you pledge allegiance to the art of throwing cheezeburger, you might not be able to protect yourself adequately. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day!


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