Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Revisiting Old Thoughts And Change ( mind exercise)

One of the things that amazed me is when I go back to thinking old thoughts that I had earlier in the past. I noticed that when I revisited old thoughts or ideas I begin to discover new insights which my thoughts or view may changed. Life is not fixed it is constantly in motion like a river. Changes may or will occur or happen. You may have your own authentic opinion about that certain topic now. Later on your opinion may change. Ideas or thoughts changes over time or as most of age and mature. The good thing about revisiting your own old thoughts is that your mind will expand as you discover new insights and also you are discovering more about yourself. You are knowing thyself having a deeper connection with yourself as you observe your thoughts and the emotion associated with it.

So i would suggest to go back to an idea or opinion or revisit your old thoughts and see if you could discover any new ideas. See if you can link that idea to any other ideas. Noticed if your thoughts or feelings may changed after discovering and submitting to the new ideas you may discovered.

If anyone out there knows everything and are bored because there are nothing else to learn, then do the exercise I suggested as you may discover new ideas from revisiting your old thoughts or old information you obtained. If you don't discover anything new then try linking and connecting that to other informations that you learn in the past. This may help you see the bigger picture of that certain idea or concept.

Another exercise I would lastly suggest is go revisit your old thoughts again and this time try to argue with it. So create some random ideas or opposing views that may be contradicting to your current old ideas or thoughts. You can just do it for fun.  However, this may sound odd and stressing but it will strengthen your mind as you are adding resistance. Because in order to strengthen something in general you need to add resistance. So in order to improve to become a better individual in a certain skill you need to challenge yourself (that is adding resistance). For example in terms of physical conditioning it is like; if you can do a lot of bodyweight squat already then try challenging yourself by adding weights or carrying something heavy and do squats. You will find this rather challenging but trust me it will make you stronger. I am not saying that adding weights is the only way you can improve your strength. Other ways you can improve is by increase reps, modify or change the exercise and/or change the temp or rate of eccentric, concentric and isometric rate motion. Of course there are other more ways to add resistance. (please try and understand the idea I'm expressing by using this seemingly irrelevant examples about adding resistance to improve)

Now go have fun with these exercise but don't put too much stress on your mind especially with the last one I suggested. You mind may start to think that your head is going to explode (you may go crazy), well that is because we were raise to only choose and picked and believed one side of an argument, idea or view, or just see only one side of the story and believe that it is the only story. Contradicting ideas or story hurts. Just like the truth... The truth hurts. what I may be saying is everything you believed to be true as you were growing up may be false all along. So that's why it's a good practice to go over your old thoughts or idea or answers and evaluate them. See if there is another contradicting idea that may be true and align more with the "way or tao". See if it makes logically sense and see if it is supported by other sources of ideas which you may find that they are linked or connected. One of the painful thing to see mentally is when a contradicting thoughts does make sense and is strongly supported compared to what you always believed in (your old thoughts).
This is where you may have to change your way of thinking unfortunately.

What if both ideas that are contradicting make sense and are both strongly supported evenly? Then that is where you can choose or pick one that you like and that align with yourself.

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