Thursday, 4 February 2016

Tony Jaa Artist Spirit

Here is a video I enjoyed watching:

High level artist can express their spirit by other means other than combat. Not only Tony Jaa can fight and perform acrobatic stunt, but he can also produce music with traditional instrument like in the video. What's impress me more is he integrated combat (martial arts), acrobatic stunts and music in his artistic performance. Most martial artist out there only focused on expressing their arts through combat. It would be nice to see more martial artist demonstrating their art by other form of expression or integrated form of expression like what Tony Jaa did; rather than just stick to one form (physical or kinesthetic combat) like most martial artist. That sort of demo is showing high level artistry and creativity. I also like to mention that he showed nice rhythm in his performance which makes it an art. An art as rhythm in it (examples seen in music, dancing and patterns in martial arts (kata, form, poomsae etc)).

I liked the statement at the beginning of the video also, because it empathasize true art (or martial arts).

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  1. I may have not liked Ung Bak, but I really enjoyed watching Tony Jaa be himself in this video. I loved the his martially artistic expression, and it has helped me see beauty in the Thai cultural expression of Martial Art. Thank you for everything you've been doing for MAU man. People like you make this blog great!


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