Saturday, 6 February 2016

Welcome to Martial Artists United!

How does one know if Martial Art is in his or her heart? Does the general topic of Martial Art occupy your thoughts every day? Do you ever feel even just a little bit out of place when you are talking to others who know nothing about Martial Art, sometimes? After practicing Martial Art for a number of years, do you feel that you are against violence even more so than you were before? When you think, read about and train in Martial Art, do you feel at home, as if it's what you were always meant to do? If so, then you must have Martial Art in your heart and this blog could very well be for you!

Allow me to briefly introduce myself. My name is Ben and I have been passionately practicing Martial Art since 2009; when I began my formal studies of Taekwondo. Since then my love and interest in Martial Art has only intensified. I commenced my formal studies of Tai Chi Chuan in 2015 and very much enjoy the wisdom taught by this ancient expression of Martial Art. I'm even seriously thinking of studying a third formal system of Martial Art to broaden my exposure and experience. I also train informally on my own in my fathers garage. One day I hope to formulate an expression of Martial Art that is true to my inner spirit.

Martial Artists United (MAU) is a blog that I created and administrate so that Martial Art practitioners and enthusiasts can come together and share their experiences in Martial Art and life to aid the all around growth of themselves and others.

On Martial Artists United, you can share essays, photographs, videos, even simply thoughts on Martial Art and life in general. MAU encourages freedom of expression, meaning you will not be put down just because your view might be different from the general consensus of any given time. Criticism is to be constructive and respectful between authors. MAU is a blog that celebrates diversity, so whether your interest in Martial Art is focused on formal training in any communal expression or whether your training is informal in nature, you are welcome to join as long as you are prepared to show others the respect that you yourself would wish to be shown.

Only registered authors will be able to make posts on this blog, however, all internet users will have the ability to leave comments on MAU posts at this time. The increased flow of dialogue should be healthy as it will allow for more diverse perspectives to be communicated, hence contributing to the broadening of authors insights. If however, any anonymous leaves a comment on an authors post that the author considers to be 'spam', I ask the author to please request that I, the administrator delete the 'spam' comment because authors should have control of their own content. As administrator, I am here to provide a service to the authors and am in no way an authority. I simply wish to assist authors in feeling comfortable to freely express themselves on this blog. I ask authors to contact me by leaving a comment on the blog that creates uncertainty and I shall reply as soon as I can.

If you wish to join and become an author on Martial Artists United, please contact me on the email address below. I, as administrator, as a fellow Martial Art practitioner and enthusiast and as someone who loves to write and read about other peoples philosophies on Martial Art and life, welcome you to become an author on our exciting new blog, Martial Artists United!


  1. Nice post. I couldn't have stated it better. Well done!

    1. Thanks!! I've changed MAU's settings to 'Public' and sent invitations to some more people. Things are looking good!

  2. Nice! Anything positive about True Martial Arts, spirituality, pilosophy and life i'm happy to be a part of! Thank you for the invitation!

    1. It's so good to see you here Steve! Everything you just said is what MAU is all about!


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