Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Your Authentic Understanding

Many people out there don't really think for themselves, and they don't have their own understanding. Instead they would just follow other people's views or understanding. So they just go along with others understanding. For example symbols. "One person" may think that 'X' symbol is all about "this or that" according to their understand. Other people may think that "X' symbol means exactly what that "one person" thinks or understand. This may be because other people don't know or don't think for themselves about the symbol, thus they just go along with what that "one person" understood or think. That is not thinking for themselves or it's not their authentic understanding. In fact it's another person's understanding or knowledge (knowledge is knowing others as stated in my old post: http://blog.martialartistsunited.com/2016/01/knowledge-vs-wisdom.html?zx=b5ed19f5998d98a9)

What is your authentic understanding? well that is when you think for your own self and not mimic others or just go along with others. So it's YOUR personal understanding or view and no one else, or it's your wisdom. Your wisdom or understanding could be a flaw to society, which makes it authentic. Being authentic is the ultimate expression of your self. It is when you are you or your true inner self.

I'll give another example in details. Look at yin-yang symbol.

I use to think, when I say think I actually mean I kind of copy or didn't think for myself, so I decided to use other people's view. (well I understood it but I didn't discover it on my own). That view or idea was that yin-yang means balance, well that's what it represent. However, as time passes, I started to dive deeper which I gain new sight of that yin-yang symbol. That insight was that opposites coexist or there is "duality in this reality". The light and the dark, the good and the evil, the hard and the soft etc. Another way to explain is two forces of the universe exist (negative and positive, feminine and masculine energy or force, and lists goes on and on)

The chart below will hopefully give you a better understand as it may help you see the bigger picture:

Another insight as I grow up was that yin-yang had something to do with karma or reincarnation. I noticed that there were many meanings to that one symbol (yin-yang). There is no right or wrong. It is just what you you perceived and understood for yourself. In what I believe in now in regards to the yin-yang symbol and the meaning, my view, understanding or conclusion is putting all the insights I gained together as one paragraph.

Each of us individual perceive reality differently so believe what you see. Have your own authentic understanding. If people see your ideas or understanding as something crazy well don't worry about them. They are not use to seeing a different perspective, they are not open and of course they see reality differently. What separates people in terms of ideas is this authentic understanding. Your ideas is your display of your reality that you perceived which in turns is your authentic understanding of what you learn from your reality that you perceived. When I say reality I mean experience. Everyone's experience is different (some may be similar however). For example people that are color blind and people that can see colours. (that's going a bit of topic)

So how do I have or see my authentic understanding? Well ask yourself what does "this mean to me" before actually hearing others ideas. Well if you already heard other people, then agree only if you understood it and it's how you would see it as well or expand and discover more insights like I have. (I went from seeing that the yin-yang means only balance to seeing a bigger picture which was that two forces coexist in this universe and that the forces are balanced by each other which is why we can see both equally, and also that symbol have to do with karma (action and reaction).)

I would like to finish this post by trying to get you all to think about the an ancient symbol I will be posting below. This is like your homework or an exercise to expand your mind.

Now do not judge it because of how the world sees it (ignore world history for once). If that's your authentic way of understanding then that's fine, but try and discover other insights. Ask yourself what does the symbol below really means to me. Once you have done that try researching or googling what the symbol actually means. You will be surpirse like I am.

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