Saturday, 12 March 2016

My Martial Arts Moment...

Here are photos/pictures of me doing some martial arts pose.


(Photo taken in my room at my old house)
(this photo was taken in Siem Reap Cambodia, not Singapore folks (but I was at Singapore before this photo))

(this photo was taken at my cousins house before my cousin's wedding. Young martial artists united lol)

(photo taken at a party (high school final year party))


(screenshot of an old youtube video from last year in a residential college lounge /kitchen in my flat)

(photo was also taken in my residential college, but in my room)


(photo screenshot from an old youtube video in my backyard home)

The photo taken other than the screenshot from youtube were all stored in my Facebook album. I was looking at some old Facebook photo album and then decided to compile all the photos of my martial arts moment. There might be more photos that I should put insert but I cannot be bothered...


  1. "One picture is the equivalent of 1000 words." In this post, you've visually displayed your passion for and steady progression in Martial Art throughout these past few years.

    As a mental exercise/form of stimulation, I like how your posts are a good blend of text and images; it makes both sides of my brain work relatively equally. Great job my friend! Keep it up! :-)

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