Friday, 15 April 2016

36,000 Kids You Don’t Want to Mess With

Check this video out. I find it inspiring for some reasons.

Also I would like to copy and paste some hilarious comments made by viewers.

"for all you idiots saying that they can't karate chop a bullet and that guns could easily take them all're missing the point of this video. this video isn't saying they can beat up anyone, it's showing hard work and discipline; something most american kids don't have." (theazn07)

"36.000 fat american kids vs 36.000 well trained Chinese kids. Battle of the century." (Chronos)

"Future soldiers of ww3 right there." (Plank Hill)

"see this is why the US will lose if we ever go to war with China. Western kids are to busy play video games getting pregnant or killing each other over drugs to busy snap chatting etc." (Blasian Code)

"Meanwhile 36.000 fat americans kids playing Call of duty and eating burgers" (Drealmers S)

"Martial arts is about self discipline not fighting. It develops the mind and body making you a better person overall. You not only become stronger but smarter, healthier and happier. All these kids are doing something positive in their lives unlike fat lazy unhealthy American kids. Hating on these kids do nothing why not learn from it instead." (Kevin Thao)

Don't take these comments too seriously I just wanted to share because I find them hilarious. I don't know why they keep mentioning American kids lol. The comments regrading American kids also applies to most western countries in general not just America. Even like myself as a kid I did the same thing as typical westerner.

Now I am different. Watching this video made me want to improve myself even more, in terms of health, fitness, intelligence and other personal development.


  1. That was a great video. I thought the comments are funny too, but I don't take them seriously due to their generalised nature.

  2. lol hilarious comments, and amazing post, I wish that true martial arts would be part of the daily lives of millions of people, and that countries motivate people to do this, to bad we live in a western society.


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