Thursday, 7 April 2016

Being a nice martial artist.

There's persons who train in some sort of combat form, let's say  Muay Thai, MMA, or they have a personal trainer. In some cases, I've noticed that there's people who train, and therefore they think they have the right to bully people, to insult people, because they can just kick their asses. because they compete, and get beaten and beat others daily.

Recently I've had encounters with people like that, who know I do some sort of combat training, mostly what I've shown of my combat on videos, or talking to people, is the most generic stuff, that almost everybody does, and that you can share with people, because they have something in common, so it's usually kick boxing type of techniques and talk. I'm not gonna share, like more of my self defense techniques or my actual training with most people, even though I have done so with some. But usually when I talk about martial arts with friends from college, who usually do muay thai, or kick boxing, I'm gonna share my experiences and maybe some techniques similar to that because that's what people relate usually to, as opposed if you bring them some sort of weapons training, or stuff like that. Most people I have met who do some sort of combat training are into the boxing, and kicking type of thing..

So anyways, as I was saying,, you encounter people like that who kinda want to test you, and see what you do, just because they train and they want to prove themselves. I think that as people who train in martial arts or combat, we are going to encounter people like this, be it on college, on your own gm or dojo.

I've found that most of the times you can keep it verbal, like if they insult you, or say something to bother you, you can say similar stuff to them, most people don't want to fight, but they act as if they do. Or they are trying to push your bottoms, but if you are also pushing theirs, no physical confrontation might happen.

When I was younger I actually had some physical encounters with people like this, they never were street fights, they were controlled still, but I've had people like that actually get physical.

The kind of persons that I've encountered recently, haven't really got physical. which means I haven't either. I think that as martial artists, or people who do fitness and combat, we need to be aware that people like this might appear. And try to stay away from them.


  1. Interesting, I enjoyed reading this.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! This is very relevant to all of us. Like yourself, I've found that part of being a wise and responsible practitioner of Martial Art is that we must be aware of other people. If they have egos that have the potential to be destructive to those around them or to themselves, it's important for us to not 'add fuel to the fire'. And if that means staying away from them like you said, then that should be our response to such a situation. This is what separates the wise from the not so wise practitioners.

    Again, thank you for sharing this brilliant post. It's great to see you on here Jaden!


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