Sunday, 28 August 2016

Brain Injuries, concussions, CTE

I was seeing my favorite MMA fighter Carlos Condit today, he lost a fight against a very skilled grappler called demian maia. A lot of people where very impressed by the submission and grappling maneuvers. But many people seem to be unaware of the following aspect, Caros said at the press conference later, that he got hit with a very solid strike during the fight, and that he got rocked and was afraid of getting punched again, which is why he turned and gave his back to his opponent allowing him to finish the fight. And that he doesn't feel he can take shots like that anymore. Before this fight he had a another fight that was crazy, all kinds of strikes landed and he also received a lot of punishment, and throughout his career he's been on some wars receiving obviously a lot o damage that accumulates to his brain over a decade of pro fighting. But many people seem to be unaware that the more punishment someone receives to the brain, it becomes more susceptible to damage, which means it becomes easier to get KO'd and rocked by strikes. Carlos has been always a tough guy but it seems like he's starting to notice and feel the drawbacks of a tough career. And that he needs to analyze things and talk to the family, to see if he shall continue fighting, Honestly after hearing what he said I think he shouldn't. He seems worried about his health.

Most people just say don't retire, get the fire back, but there's only so much damage one can take, specially to the brain. It is worrying to see that all this big fighting companies or whatever don't seems to take this things in account. and would allow someone to keep fighting as long as they can without worrying about the problems that that can cause in the future.


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  2. Really interesting Jaden. I personally don't believe MMA is a healthy practice for anyone. It doesn't matter how big or strong someone is, no one can strengthen their brain. The UFC will never publicise information about people getting brain injuries and CTE because they make billions when two individuals, who have given their consent but are uninformed about the long term risks, fight like wild/unrefined animals in a cage (I've got no idea why). Too me personally, the UFC doesn't care about people living long, happy and healthy lives. It exists only to make money. For this reason, I prefer to focus my attention on expressions like Wing Chun and Tai Chi Chuan as they are artful, health enhancing, yet combatively devastating practices.

    Thank you for sharing Jaden. I enjoyed reading :)

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